Could you find out what’s wrong with this conversation?….Maybe you need to do your Math.

Employee sad faceStaff: Boss, I would like to take a day off tomorrow….

Boss: You want to take a day off “Tomorrow”?

Staff: Well.…..

Boss: ….our Company requires you to what? As you know, there are 365 days in a year, 52 weeks.  You have 2 days off per week, a total of 104 days in a year, and you still have 261 working days left, right?

angry bossStaff: ….mm…. well

Boss: You are off from work 16 hours a day, so get rid of 174 days, still have 87 days left, right?

Staff: …(silent)….

Boss: You spend at least 30 minutes a day online at your office, add up to 23 days per year, so 64 working days left, right?

Staff: ….(silent)….

Boss: ….and you spend one-hour lunch each day, which is 46 days, you still, have 18 working days….

Staff: …lol…

Boss: I realize you usually will take 2 sick days each year, so you have 16 days of work in a year….


Boss: Don’t forget our company also provides 5 bonus days during Christmas and New Year holiday seasons, and

Staff: ……(@_@)……

Boss: We are also generously giving you 10 days as your pay-day holiday, now do your Math…only 1 day left…. and you still ask for a day off??

Staff: Sorry, I was wrong…


Red Gargle

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