Sad teenager

One day in a classroom, a teacher tells her students a story.

A cruise ship hit an iceberg in Atlantic Ocean.  The ship wrecked and the captain decided to abandon the ship. While all passengers on board were trying to find the ways for their own safety, one couple finally made it to a life raft.  But there was only one seat left on the lifeboat. The man jumped immediately onto to the raft and left his wife behind.  His wife stood on the sinking ship, and she yelled to her husband….

While the teacher is telling about this story, she asks her students: “Do you know, what was the women yelling about?

Many students response to the question right the way, some say, “I hate you”, or “How could you do that to me”, and so on.

When a teacher noticed a student sits quietly, she asks the student about the answer.  The student said, “Teacher, I think the women would shout – take care our children!”

Teacher is very surprised, and asks, “Have you heard of this story before? ”

The student shakes his head and says, “No. But I remembered when my mother was sick, before she died, she said the same thing to my dad.”

Teacher says: “That’s a correct answer, and now let me finish the rest of the story.”

The ship sunk, and all the people on lifeboats were rescued.  The man returned to his home. When the couple got on the cruising trip, they had left their baby daughter at home with her grandmother.  Many years later, the men died.  When the daughter was sorting out his relic, she discovered her father’s diary.

It turns out that while her father and mother were travelling on a cruise, her mother was suffering from a terminal illness.  At that juncture, the father had to rush to the only way to survive.  He wrote in his diary: “I wanted to be with you to sink into the sea, but I couldn’t.  For our daughter, I had to let you go and sleep in the deep seabed alone… “

The teacher finished the story, silence in the classroom.  The teacher knows her students have understood the story.  So the teacher said, “…. Making a judgment is not that simple as you thought when you only hear one side of the story.  It is hard to determine whether it is good or evil, so do not.  It is better to carry some doubts in your mind.  The truth will be unfolded when more evidences come across.”


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