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11 Healthy Food Remedies might change your Character



(Mood of the Day)


Healthy Food Remedies


Distracted, Unstable

It might be caused by long-term calcium deficiency.  Try to cook up some meals with high calcium ingredients, such as soybean, milk, fried pumpkin seeds, amaranth, kelp, mushrooms, seaweed, snail, organs, crab, or shrimp.


Chatterbox, Nagging all day

Increase Vitamin B intake, food like whole grains, rice or make yourself a glass of milk with honey.


Irritated, easy to get angry

You should reduce the intake of salt and sugar.  Try to eat some fruit with rich color and sweet favor like Blueberry or Mango, or make yourself a glass of Mojito with fresh peppermint.


Timid, Fear

Mixed pepper salad with sundried tomato dressing, or a bowl of mussels/shrimps with cream sauce.


Self-imposed isolation

If you find yourself speechless in any casual social gathering, then having a small amount of alcohol won’t be a bad idea, especially with cheese.



Try to establish a meat-centered diet with regular consumption of fruits and vegetables. Eating high protein meat like steak, chicken or fish will boost up your brain activities.


Negative and/or Dependence

If you find yourself lack of boldness and courage, you can try to restrain some “sweetie treats” to decrease the sugar level, and take some food with high (Thiamine) vitamin B1, such as sunflower seeds, pecans, pork chops or fish.



That’s all about taking your vitamin a and c. The good thing is there are many different foods for you to choose.  You may want to make a whole meal with pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck liver, eggs, crab, snail or chili.  Other fruits you can also consider: jujube, kiwi, orange or melon.



Stick with greenish-yellow fruits and vegetables, and reduce your red meat and salt intake, or take an open idea to set your dinner plan in a Japanese Restaurant.



Find the food with high calcium and vitamin B, high fiber and animal protein.  Maybe try a bowl of oatmeal with fish and a bit of ginger (salt and pepper).



Avoid alcohol, or your situation will be worse.  You might want to try a glass of lemonade. Lettuce, potato, bread with wheat bran and oat are also very good food to light up you day. If nothing works, go for a run, and see your doctor.


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