A mother’s speech in her daughter’s wedding……

Dear family and friends,

Hello everyone.  Thank you very much for taking your time to this wedding.

As a mother, I am so happy today, just like some of you watching your beloved sons and daughters grow up and have their own family.

Today is a big day, and I’m grateful that I have got a chance to say something here.  Not only I would like to pass my “forever blessing” to you two lovebirds, but also I would like to tell you the three important things about marriage, and they are based on my own experience.

First of all, remember that a marriage is not 1+1=2, but 0.5+0.5=1

After you two get married, prepare the slowly changes of your personality in order to compromise each other and build a perfect family.  You have to tolerate each other’s mistakes, and also have to feel comfortable with your partner’s shininess, like a beautiful diamond.  As time goes by, you still have to admire your partner’s talents, and that is a real secret to keep your love forever.

The second thing, a marriage doesn’t have forever intimacy.

After the wedding, you will still have your own circle of friends to catch up and business to follow.  It is important to allow space and freedom for yourself and your partner, so that you two won’t get fuzzy.  Little bit of retention will make you attractive to your partner.  Don’t forget that a marriage is not a contract of ownership, and you have no procession over your partner’s right to do the things they like. It is a partnership that you will respect each other.

And the Third, always remember your home is not a place to settle an argument.

It is a place to talk about love and share love.  Someone said, men are like mud and women are just like water.  The combination of these two things is just “wishy-washy”.  A marriage is two people joining their lives together.  If things always get to the bottom of “legal principles”, then both of you will just get tired to be together.

So, finally, Mom is sincerely wishing you two a happy sweet marriage, and thank you all of you.

Red Gargle

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