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…..give me some elbows….

Sailing is just like a journey in your life.  It is the time you are standing amongst the air, the sky and the sea; the time you are trying to reach the stars at night; the time you look for your destination; the time you are searching your path; the time you are trying to overcome the stormy sea; and the time you are listening to the voice of mother nature.  You could let the sailboat drift, or harden your sails to go faster in the direction you want.  It is all your call, except that you have no control on the weather, other than just detecting the pattern of upcoming wind.  All you can do is navigate the boat to a safety harbor, a place where you belong.

In years I have been racing at my local yacht club, the majority of people who engage the sport are men while many women tend to partake in the club, enjoying all the social activities.  But for some women, sailing is more than just a social event, or an exercise to get fresh air.  It is about a woman helming, a woman trimming the sails, a woman standing up against the blowing winds. 

This is a picture shows a woman racing a sailboat in one of many distance races on Lake Ontario. This one was in the fall and the winning boats out of the 50 boats entered into this race would get the prize of frozen turkey. It’s called the Turkey Race. 

This woman holds a hectic sales position, is single and is looking for a compatible partner. Yachting should be a great place to start to meet the right person, but it turned into a passion, and at times a sanctuary from the hectic world.

The men she races with treat her as just another crew, no more no less.

She puts the energy into this sport and is now moved on to more competitive yachts, different clubs. She always carried a bottle of wine to the boat, as her trademark.  These women come and go in many different sports to reach out and seek something needed in their lives.


Red Gargle



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