Smile, Yes you can!

9 Reasons to put up a “Smile”


1.  To Win a Trust

For the world is full of trickery, to whom we should trust?  A genuine smile is a signal of our trust, and it tells others we are friendly to work with. Smiling person is considered more generous and extroverted.  When people display a genuine smile, it tells us they are more willing to share with others, a tendency of being a good partner.  Some Economists even think that the “smiles” have “Economical Value”, and more likely will gain other people trust.


2.  To gain understanding

We sometimes make mistakes or cause troubles, so putting up a nice smile won’t be harmful at all.  It shows others we are admitting our silly actions and willing to make things better. It doesn’t matter whether it is a false laugh or wry smile, we would give the person a chance after he laughs at himself. It is another body language that we can gain understanding from others.


3.  To save our embarrassing moment

…. forgot to give your half a wedding anniversary gift?

…. all the sudden cannot remember the names of your important clients?

Those awkward moments happen around us all the time.  An embarrassed smile will help us to get out the focus of tension. An awkward smile appears when you deliberately raise your eyebrows with your eyes looking down, and sometimes inadvertently reveals the stupid laughs. The look will prompt others to feel the same experience, and therefore they are no longer care so much about your negligence and your will be quickly being forgiven.


4.  To make you feel comfortable

We sometimes put up a smile out of courtesy.  Imagine a happy face of a stingy man who just found one dollar shopping coupon behind his couch. You might still give him a smile for being polite. In one study, researchers asked the participants to keep a cold face when other people have told them good news. After the first experimental week, the participants felt very uncomfortable and believed they had left bad impression to others of being mean or careless.


5.  To calm our soul

When we are in a quandary, wondering about what to do or where to go, if we can just smile, it can calm our soul. Remember an old song from Barbra Streisand….“Smile, though your heart is aching. Smile, even though it’s breaking. When there are clouds in the sky, you get by if you smile.” Psychologists called this a “Facial Feedback Hypothesis”. When we are feeling sad, nervous or under pressure, we are not aware of other good things or opportunities around us. Smiling can calm our soul, release the bad air and increase our ability to think clearly and wisely.


6.  To attract the opposite sex

This is what women call “an unbeatable magic”, much effective than eye contact in attracting the opposite sex. Researchers observed how men approach women in bars. If women only have eye contact with men, they probably have a 20% chance of being hit on. But after the women put up a nice smile to the men, the chance will be increased to 60%.  However, the smile from men to women is less magical or less useful. The researchers have found most of the women were more attractive to a man who has vain and confident appearance, informally revealed his manly.


7.  To make more money

A girl with a cheerful smile can do that! Studies have found that a lot of customers are willing to pay more tips to waitresses who have nice and sweet smiles. The results also applied to other people who work in service sectors, such as tour group leaders, casino hostesses or those in live entertainment performances. A nice smile not only can increase customer satisfaction and salary of the employees, but also it will improve company’s image as a result of better future earning. Just be aware of becoming an “emotional labor”, under cover the stress too long might make you a haggard, causing occupational burnout.


8.  To cover up our real feeling

Psychologists used to believe that a nice smile would not be a liar. The truthfulness was based on our facial movement and eyes involvement. But recent studies have shown that 80% of people could deceive others by a false smile. Pretending to be real happy without being noticed is not an easy task, but a lot of people have success by laugh out loud, or merely creasing between their eyes to camouflage their feeling with a false smile. However, the act will need some practices to make it looks natural.


9.  When you smile, the world will smile at you

Sometimes we might not notice that smiling has become a spontaneous reaction.  When we give people a smile, they return to us with their smiles.  A smile is a simple pleasure in life, and a simple way to show our friendship to others. Although not everyone will pay back a smile, we still believe smiling is very contagious among us in good days or bad days.



Red Gargle



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